Worst Closing Gifts Real Estate Agents Give to Clients

Real estate agents make a decent commission when they finalize the purchase of a home. After closing, it’s customary for agents to give the buyer a closing gift to celebrate the purchase and thank them for the business.

Although real estate agents are good at helping people buy or sell homes… not every real estate agent does well with the closing gift. In fact, sometimes the closing gift is outright hilarious.

Get ready to chuckle — here are a few of the worst closing gifts real estate agents have ever given to clients.

Forget Me Not: A gift to remember your agent forever

One of the tackiest closing gifts a real estate agent can give — and we see this all the time — is anything that’s really just marketing materials.

For example, that inexpensive wine bottle with the agent’s face plastered on the side. That’s exactly what you want to share with your friends and family, right?

Sometimes the agent will give a cutting board or another home item — coincidentally branded with the real estate agency’s logo and contact information. Thanks… we think?

Nothing like a memory that lasts!

Thanks, but I’d rather take the coupon.

Wouldn’t you just love to get a $5 Starbucks gift card right after closing on a $300,000 house with $18,000 in real estate commissions? We’ve seen this a few times… agents give $5 gift certificates to restaurants or home supply stores. One agent had a habit of giving super valuable keychains alongside the gift cards.

We’ve seen plenty of inexpensive decoration for the home… welcome mats, throw pillows, or kitchen gadgets, even refrigerator magnets. But the cheap gift that really takes the cake?

One woman reports that her mom’s realtor gave her a $25 coupon to a local store. A coupon… from the newspaper!

Some Assembly Required

Our final category of crazy real estate agent gifts involves anything that needs to be built by the new homeowner.

Whether it’s a bookcase, furniture, or even a grill, there’s no reason you should have to assemble it. After all, you’ve already gone through the process of moving and you’re exhausted — so thanks, but no thanks?

Even crazier are the agents that give huge items that require assembly, like desks, without having any idea where — or if — it will fit in your house.

The “home run”: Only one way to choose your own closing gift!

Here at Quick Fix, we have a name for the celebration that our customers have after their house closing; we call it the “home run”. When you don’t have to pay thousands in closing fees, you might just be able to choose your own closing gift after you get your fair cash offer as we buy houses for cash.

The home run is a memorable part of the selling process. Contact us today for more information on how to sell your home quickly.

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Get a Cash Offer On Your House Now

Any House, Any Condition!