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We Buy Houses Botetourt County, VA

We offer real estate solutions in and around Botetourt County, including Daleville, Troutville, and other areas!

Do you have unwanted property and wonder how you can “sell my house fast in Botetourt?” Then you’re in the right place! You can skip the hassle of the traditional home-buying process when you sell your house to Quick Fix Real Estate, LLC.

We buy houses in Botetourt County, and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation assessment at your convenience!

Skip the Repairs & Cleanup

If you want to sell your house fast, skip the hassle of the traditional route.

When we buy houses, we handle all closing costs and fees, cleaning and repairs, and everything else, so you don’t have to. Are you dealing with tenants? We’ll take care of them!

Say “no” to inspections, staging, and showings, and say “yes” to a fair cash offer on your home today

ZERO Closing Costs or Realtor Fees

ZERO Closing Costs or Realtor Fees

Guaranteed Cash Offer

NO Repairs

Guaranteed Cash Offer

NO Inspections

Guaranteed Cash Offer

Leave the Tenants to Us

Guaranteed Cash Offer

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Quick Fix Real Estate, LLC has Been Serving Virginia and North Carolina Homeowners for Over 8 years.

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Want to Sell Your House Fast in Botetourt County?
Here’s how!


Contact Us

If you’re interested in a free, no-obligation assessment and a fair cash offer, fill out our form to get started. We just need your best contact information and your property address. Then, we’ll contact you to schedule your assessment.


Get Your Cash Offer

Our experienced team of real estate professionals will assess your home when it works for you. Then, they’ll give you our fair all-cash offer. You could have your quote the same day! Once you have our offer, the ball’s in your court. You can take all the time you need to make your decision


Choose Your Closing Date

If you decide you like our offer, you can have cash in hand in seven days. You pick your closing date, and we take it from there!

No real estate agents. No showings. No closing costs. Just cash.

Mary Jane Sold her House for CASH in ONLY A FEW DAYS

She chose her closing date and did not have to repair a thing!
Read her Testimonial and how working with Quick Fix changed her life!

Get Your Fair Cash Offer

You can be free from closing fees and agent commissions, debt, unwanted properties and
responsibilities. There are no obligations to get a free assessment or cash offer on your property.

100% Free and Within 24 Hours

Areas we buy Houses in Botetourt County

Our dedicated real estate professionals don’t just know your local real estate market. They live in the area. They’re a part of your community, and they’re ready to help you sell your home.

Burdensome Houses

Burdensome Houses in Daleville

We know how hard it can be to sell your house these days. The traditional process for selling your home is expensive and time-consuming.

Trying to find a buyer online can feel like swimming in the ocean when you’re thirsty; there’s water everywhere, but none of it is good for you. Buyers will make promises and disappear when they get your address.

That’s why we guarantee a fair cash offer to sell my house fast Botetourt County.

Unwanted Properties in Troutville

When you’re struggling to sell an unwanted property, it’s easy to feel like your home isn’t sellable.

We aren’t property snobs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “good” neighborhood or a “bad” neighborhood. We don’t care about the address, messes, repairs, or anything else. We give you a fair cash offer, and we’ll take care of everything else for you with no catch.


Any Property Address in any Area!

We buy houses in Botetourt County in any neighborhood, in any condition. If you’re ready to be free of unwanted property, contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation assessment.

100% Free and Within 24 Hours

Three Easy Steps

If You’re Ready to “Sell my House Fast in Botetourt,” we Make it as Easy as Three Simple Steps.


Free Property Assessment

Free Property Assessment

To get your fair all-cash offer, make an appointment to have your home assessed by our experienced real estate professionals. Give us a call or fill out our form to schedule your free assessment!


Guaranteed Cash Offer

Guaranteed Cash Offer

We guarantee a fair cash offer for any unwanted property in Botetourt County, from Daleville and Troutville to Cloverdale and Fincastle. Once our team has assessed your burdensome home, you’ll receive a fair cash offer for it.


Walk Away With Cash

Walk Away With Cash

If you like our fair offer and are ready to sell your house, you pick your closing date. You could have cash in hand in as little as a week! Are you ready to change your financial situation?

100% Free and Within 24 Hours

Read What our Customers are Saying

Why Sell Your House Right now

There are Plenty of Valid Reasons to Sell Your House, but Here are a few That are Common for our Clients.

economy house worth

Your House Is Worth a lot Right now, but That Won’t Last

There are plenty of reasons to want to “sell my house fast in Botetourt,” but your property’s current value is the biggest. The pandemic brought construction to a halt, and existing home value has skyrocketed in response.

The trouble is, that isn’t going to last forever. The housing bubble is going to burst like it did in 2008. At that point, housing values nationwide are going to crash. Your home may end up being worth less than it was when you bought it.

Instead of taking a gamble and seeing if your home value increases first, sell your home now and walk away in a new financial situation.

Stop Dealing With the Stress of Foreclosure or Forbearance

Foreclosure and forbearance happen for a lot of reasons. With the economy in its current state, people are losing jobs every day. Others are struggling to pay mortgages on inherited properties or trying to keep their heads above after a divorce.

You can sell your home in foreclosure or forbearance. With our methods for cutting through red tape, we can take your home from its assessment to closing in a week.

Are you ready to leave the stress of your mortgage behind?

Financial Burdens
help Maintenance and Repairs house

You Can’t Keep up With Maintenance and Repairs

Homeownership can be incredibly freeing, but maintaining a home isn’t easy for everyone. If you don’t have the skills or money to handle everyday maintenance, it only becomes harder to handle.

If you’re struggling to manage your home maintenance and repairs, you’re not alone. That’s why we provide real estate solutions.

100% Free and Within 24 Hours

Real Estate Solutions we Provide
When we buy Houses in Botetourt County

Our Business is Real Estate Solutions That Make it Easier for You to Sell Your House Fast in Botetourt County

No Investment Firms

If you want to sell your house fast, an investment firm can make a tempting offer. They like to outbid local homebuyers by 10% or more with cash offers. The trouble is that those offers make it impossible for future homeowners to compete in the market. Their high bids artificially inflate home values, especially when they hold onto homes instead of flipping them.

That’s why we buy houses with fair cash offers. We then fix them up and get them ready for the next people who want to call them home.

No Real Estate Agents
Appraisers, Repairs, or Showings

No Real Estate Agents,
Appraisers, Repairs, or Showings

Selling your home the traditional way can get insanely complicated; by the end, you may feel like you need an assistant.

Your real estate agent and appraiser will both have recommendations for repairs before your home reaches the market. You can expect to coordinate repairs and staging. Then, you’ll need to make sure you’re out of the way for showings.

Skip all the noise when you sell your home to Quick Fix Real Estate, which has served the East Coast for over a decade.

No Closing Costs, Appraisal Fees, and Staging Costs

If you’re ready for your fair cash offer, fill out our form or give us a call. We’ll get you started by scheduling an appointment for our team of real estate professionals to assess your home. We’re here to help, and we’ll assess your home when it’s convenient for you!

We buy houses in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Salem, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Botetourt County and Danville; plus we won’t cost you a nickel!

No Closing Costs, Appraisal Fees, and Staging Costs

100% Free and Within 24 Hours

Can Quick Fix Real Estate Really Help me?

Be Confident About Selling Your Property With a Guaranteed Fair Cash Offer and be Home Free in as Little as 7 days.

Quick Fix Real Estate, LLC is dedicated to providing real estate solutions for people like you. That’s why we buy houses in Botetourt and across Virginia.

We handle all closing costs, red tape, and assessments to make the sales process smooth as can be. Instead of waiting months or years to get out from under your unwanted property, we can help you sell on your schedule.

foreclosure for same
Guaranteed cash offer

Who do we Help the Most?

We provide real estate solutions for anyone with burdensome houses and unwanted property. We’ve helped people escape forbearance and foreclosure, sell homes from inheritance or divorce, and more!

We buy houses in Botetourt County, VA and we’re ready to help you. Give us a call or fill out our form today to get started.

Ready To Sell Your House?

Ready to Sell Your House?

Give yourself permission to take the easy route and choose to sell your house fast. Skip the hassle and get started today. No closing costs. No cleaning. No complications.

100% Free and Within 24 Hours

Ready To Sell Your House?

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Any House, Any Condition!