How to Sell Your House in Roanoke VA with Fire Damages

sell your house with fire damage roanoke va

The emotional trauma of undergoing a fire can be long-lasting. The emotional upheaval and heartache may make you want to sell your home in Roanoke as fast as you can. But who is going to want to buy a home that has fire damage? For obvious reasons, your options are much narrower when selling This type of home, but it’s not unsellable.

There are two primary choices you can make when you want to sell a fire-damaged home and, each method has a specific advantage and disadvantage.

Restore the Property or Sell It As-Is

Restoring the house will take considerable effort and a lot of money, resulting in a better retail value. Whereas selling your home as-is will relieve you from the burden of the property quickly but may not make you the amount of money you would want. It would be best if you considered the advantages and disadvantages of each option before you make a decision.

The Challenges of Selling A Home As-is in Roanoke VA

Experiencing a home fire can be frightened, dangerous, and may have long-lasting emotional consequences. In addition, many people who undergo a fire are afraid that it can happen again, and this can be a downside to selling a fire-damaged home in a robust real estate market.

People know that a home that has experienced a fire could go unsold for a long time, and the longer the house takes to sell, the less likely you are going to be in getting the money you want

Even so, buyers need to know everything about a home, including whether or not it has been in a fire. So they need to be told. You can assure them through work contracts and details that the home no longer has problems once you have restored the fire damage. But it is still a risk and may cause some buyers to turn away from the house.

Is disclosure necessary?

Real estate disclosures are set by each state, and states are trying to protect the rights of consumers, so these laws are becoming stricter. To know whether you can sell a house without disclosing that it has experienced fire damage, you’ll need to check your state’s regulations.

Most states have disclosure forms that the seller has to sign. Sometimes, the forms don’t specifically ask about fire damage but do ask about damages in general. You would have to disclose the information here. Failure to tell a buyer about it could be a liability on your part, and the buyer may have the right to sue you. So avoiding disclosure of the fire is not in your best interest.

Selling As-Is

Homes with substantial fire damage can be hard to repair. Besides the smoke and soot damage, the house could also have water damage. This damage can also increase the cost of repairs beyond the insurance coverage and your ability.

If possible, it may be in your best interest to sell your home as-is and avoid the time and money needed to restore it. But the idea of selling a damaged home may seem impossible. Don’t worry! People do it all the time, all across the United States. So, where do you find buyers for this type of house?

A lot of people look for homes they can fix. However, the type of home requires a substantial amount of work, and fire damage needs contractors who have experience dealing with extensive repairs. More often than not, professional Real Estate Investors are experienced with this significant repair and could be interested in purchasing the home.

Plus, Home investors usually pay cash for damaged homes as they can begin repair work right away without having to wait for a loan approval process. Real Estate Investors often look for fire-damaged homes that they can repair and remodel to resell the house.

What Is The Right Option for Me?

Selling a home as-is after a fire means you no longer have to worry about it, and it no longer needs to remind you of the emotional upheaval you have experience from the fire. Some investors will buy your home even when it is condemned. Dealing with a direct buyer who has cash makes things much more straightforward, too. If you want to sell your house fast in Roanoke, VA give us a call today. You can save money on additional costs like closing and realtor commissions.

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Get a Cash Offer On Your House Now

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