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Are you wondering how to sell your house fast in Roanoke? If so, there are several options to suit the needs of sellers in the area. Let’s take a look at the housing market, options for selling and more details about why homeowners choose a cash buyer.

How do you sell your house fast in Roanoke?

It may be a little confusing to use the words “sell your house” and “fast” in the same sentence – especially for homeowners who aren’t used to the idea of using a cash buyer. But there are a lot of simple advantages to selling your property this way.

But first, let’s take a look at what makes the Roanoke area so unique:

With over 100,000 residents in Roanoke city alone – Roanoke is the largest city in Virginia west of Richmond. The outdoorsy vibe that attracts people to the area also keeps a small-town vibe while providing the opportunity and amenities of a larger city. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounded by trees and greenery, Roanoke enjoys mild weather year-round, further contributing to the city’s appeal. Surrounding areas like Salem, Cave Spring, and the counties of Roanoke, Bedford, Botetourt, Craig, Montgomery, Floyd, and Franklin contribute to the vast opportunity for property owners.

Here are some more quick facts about the Roanoke housing market:

  • There are 6 neighborhoods in Roanoke
  • Currently, there are about 800 homes listed for sale
  • The median listing home price in Roanoke is $190K
  • Roanoke is also known for having affordable condos.

Options for Selling Fast in Roanoke

Depending on the market, there are multiple options for selling your house fast in the Roanoke area: you can get it listed by a real estate agent and go through the traditional selling process, you can sell your property by owner without an agent, or you can find an investor who will buy it outright – like a reputable cash buyer. Let’s take a look at all three options:

  1. Hire a real estate agent
  2. Sell it yourself
  3. Sell to a cash buyer

Hiring a real estate agent in Roanoke

If you have the time and resource to invest in selling your house the traditional way, and are willing to spend a percentage of your sale in commissions and fees, then this may be a good option for you. When you hire an agent to sell your home, it is their job to list and market your home so that it is sold to your satisfaction. It is important that you find an agent who is reputable and honest, and you will be required to sign a contract with that person to sell your house – this is to protect the agent and ensures that you will work exclusively with them, and won’t skip on the bill at the end of the sale. There are currently over 300 licensed REALTORS® in Roanoke alone.

To find a reputable agent, we recommend getting first-hand recommendations from people that you trust who have done business with them before, reading online reviews, and interviewing more than one agent before making a decision.

Here are a few questions to ask a real estate agent before hiring:

  • What are your commissions and fees? Do you work off a percentage of are you willing to charge a flat rate?
  • How many houses have you sold in the Roanoke area? How many have not sold, and why?
  • Are there any practices that you see as unethical in your industry, and why?

Having some basic knowledge of their practices and establishing a baseline will help you keep them honest during the process – the more transparency the better in real estate.

Selling your own house in Roanoke (For sale by owner)

One of the top places to look for houses for sale by owner is on Zillow, where you will see a couple of dozen houses that stay listed for at least 60 or more days. You can see their history of price cuts, previous sales as well as the estimated market value (according to Zillow of course).

Selling a home yourself is challenging in the best of times. Some of the questions you might ask yourself are: should I hire a lawyer to do the paperwork? Do I have to list it under market value to get any attention? Will I get legitimate buyers and how do I know? If you choose to sell your home yourself, plan to put a lot of effort into it. You’ll have to make repairs and improvements to make it more attractive for buyers as well as market aggressively to attract attention.

It is also important to know that data shows the median sale price of houses listed for sale by owner was significantly lower than the median sale price of agent-listed home sales, according to the National Association of Realtors. In fact – in 2018 it was $65,000 less. That’s a big chunk of change.

However, if you are patient and know what it’s going to take, you could potentially save money in selling your own house in Roanoke. We recommend that you take your time to understand all of the pros and cons before making this huge decision.

Sell to a cash buying investor

“We buy houses” companies have been popping up all over the country recently, and Roanoke, VA is no exception. Selling to a cash buyer is vastly different from listing your house to be sold on the open market. Literally, you are not listing it at all – you are selling it as-is without having to spruce it up or show it to anyone.

Cash buyers will make an offer on your house as-is. These companies will typically look at your house and make an offer based on its value and current condition. You can choose to either accept or reject the offer. If you accept, most companies will allow you to choose your own closing date, in as little as a week or 10 days. Typical home sales through a real estate agent take about 30 days to close. Most of this time, however, is taken up by the buyer’s lender as they go through the approval process. By selling to a cash buyer, there’s no need for financing and the deal can go through very quickly.

Some of these companies are a little unscrupulous and may not make a fair offer on your property. Definitely do your research before contacting a cash buyer to find out about others’ experiences. Reputable companies will offer an amazing home selling experience, but you want to avoid the bad apples.

Sell to Quick Fix Real Estate

Here at Quick Fix Real Estate, we take pride in our hassle-free process of buying houses in Roanoke. You can get your old house sold quickly when you sell the property to us. The process is simple – provide some basic information about your property, make an appointment for us to come to take a look, and we will guarantee you a cash offer on your house.

For the past 10 years, Quick Fix has been a trusted name here in Roanoke when it comes to buying houses quickly for top dollar. Our house buying process is simple and hassle-free. Although we buy houses all over Virginia, here are some of the other local areas that we do business in:

  • Bent Mountain
  • Bonsack
  • Catawba
  • Cave Spring
  • Garden City
  • Grandin Road
  • Hollins
  • Melrose
  • Vinton
  • Blue Ridge
  • Buchanan
  • Cloverdale
  • Vinton

Depending on the current market rates here in Southwest Virginia, we pay cash for your home and we can do it quickly and efficiently, at absolutely no cost to you. The best thing about selling your home to us is you don’t have to renovate the house before selling it.

Home investor vs real estate agents

Real estate agents contract to sell properties by listing and marketing them, with hopes that it will be sold within several months. They normally charge 6% or higher of the sale price. With a cash buyer like here at Quick Fix Real Estate, we are Real Estate Investors. We skip that entire process, taking the risk to buy the house with our own cash, repair the house, and market it ourselves to find a buyer.

Here are just a few things you will need to do if you choose to sell your house with a real estate agent:

  1. Find and contract with a real estate agent
  2. Make repairs and prepare for the inspection
  3. Clean, beautify and prepare the property for photos and listings
  4. Clean and leave your home for potential buyers
  5. Wait for an offer and negotiate
  6. Make additional repairs per negotiation
  7. Get an appraisal, inspection, etc
  8. Negotiate a closing and move-out date

Dealing with a real estate agent in selling your house is a stressful and cumbersome process. You have to hire a reputable real estate agent and list the property with them. In addition, most houses need renovations and curb appeal, preparing the house for a buyer inspection. One of the most frustrating things about selling property the traditional way is the time involved in closing the sale. You may have to wait months to close the sale, and no deal is done until closing.

This isn’t the case when you sell the house to a cash buyer like Quick Fix Real Estate. We are prepared to close the sale in as little as a week depending on your schedule. However, you decide! You get to decide whether to close the sale in two days or two months. Call Quick Fix Real Estate today to sell your house fast in Roanoke at 540-324-4346.

Save time and money with a home investor

Homeowners in Roanoke can save money and time by using a home investor. We buy houses as-is, in any condition. Even if your house is in a bad neighborhood, we will buy it. Call our team today to sell your house fast in Roanoke.

Homeowners can say goodbye to the burden of owning property that they don’t want regardless of its condition. Many sellers of houses in great shape, who are short on time, will sell us their house because we are fast and efficient. If you are trying to avoid foreclosure, facing a divorce, moving away, under back taxes or bad debts, are in probate after inheriting a house, or maybe you are just in a sticky situation and need to sell quickly. We will provide you with a guaranteed, all-cash offer regardless of whether or not you live in it, are renting it to tenants, or even if you think it’s inhabitable. Even if the house is damaged from fire, flood, or mold…we will make an offer.

Here are the top 9 reasons that Roanoke residents use a cash buyer:

  1. Avoid the traditional sales process
  2. High moving expenses
  3. Agent commissions and closing fees
  4. Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Loss of Employment
  5. Liens, judgments, back taxes
  6. Medical bills or health reasons
  7. Property is in distress or needs too many repairs
  8. Rental in bad condition
  9. Divorce, inheritance, probate, etc

1. Avoid the traditional sales process

The traditional sales process can be tedious. Aside from preparing the home for sale, you have to keep your house immaculately clean all the time and put up with potential buyers tromping through to view the property for weeks or even months.

Once you do get a buyer any number of things can happen that would stop the sale. For example:

  • Buyer makes new demands after the inspection
  • Buyer’s financing falls through
  • The appraisal goes awry

2. High moving expenses

Timing the sale of a home with the purchase of one is tricky business – and for many homeowners can mean paying two mortgages or double their moving expenses. Many homeowners end up storing their stuff, staying in a motel, or even renting a home in the meantime. Using a cash buyer is the most strait-forward solution because you can choose your own closing date, leave the house as-is and not even worry about the cleanup process.

3. Agent commissions and closing fees

Agent commissions and closing fees can be pretty hefty, with agent commission alone is usually about 6% of the sale price — and the seller can be responsible for the entire amount. Not to mention  Learn more about calculating agent commissions here.

4. Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Loss of Employment

Anyone in a bad financial situation has no time to waste. Selling a house quickly can help people avoid the black marks of foreclosure or bankruptcy on their credit or provide them with desperately needed funds in the case of loss of employment. Cash buyers in these situations can actually be the perfect solution for a lot of families. Tax

5. Liens, Judgments, Back Taxes

For those who have mounting debts, selling property quickly is a great way to make those problems disappear – if your house is worth more than the debts, and the profit will take care of the full amount of the debts. Liens and judgments can be tricky business, so it may be wise to check with your lawyer or accountant first.

6. Medical Bills or Health Reasons

Life can throw some pretty hefty curveballs sometimes, one of which is an illness or injury. Medical expenses can mount quickly. Selling the house in Roanoke can be a great way for a homeowner to meet their immediate financial needs without going into debt (or avoiding more debt).

7. Property Is in Distress or Needs Too Many Repairs

Major repairs are expensive and time-consuming and can add up quickly especially on older homes or homes that have not been well maintained. Many sellers have neither the time nor the money to handle them, making a quick sale to a cash buyer the most expedient way to sell your house in Roanoke.

8. Rental in bad condition

Bad tenants or trashed properties can be exhausting. Many cash buyers will handle the tenants for you, making it a very desirable option for property owners.

9. Divorce, Inheritance, Probate, Etc

Some life situations put people in the position of needing to sell their home quickly. Perhaps a couple is getting divorced and they each want their share of the equity. Working together to prepare the home for sale does not sound delightful so selling it off quickly to a cash buyer is far more appealing. Another common situation happens when a house is inherited. The heirs may not have enough money to maintain the home or it may be getting tied up in probate, the legal process used to disburse the deceased’s property. A quick sale to liquidate the house may be the best way to deal with it.

We Buy Houses in Roanoke – About Quick Fix Real Estate

Quick Fix Real Estate is Your “Door to Relief “

Roanoke homeowner celebrating her home sale

Quick Fix Real Estate is a real estate investment firm specializing in purchasing properties directly from homeowners. We’ve been serving the Roanoke community for 10 years, building our business on honesty and integrity. Many customers tell us that they don’t know what they would have done without our services.

Here are a few of the benefits of working with us:

  • No repairs – we buy houses as-is
  • No cleanup – take your belongings and leave behind what you don’t want, even the trash
  • No agents – you don’t have to worry about contracts or obligations. We provide you with an offer and it’s up to you if you take it.
  • No fees – we handle the closing paperwork and all of the fees
  • No waiting – unlike the traditional selling process, you won’t need to wait on buyer financing. We can buy cash without the wait.

Quick Fix is Located off of Memorial Ave SW and Grandin Rd SW, close to the Roanoke River and Memorial Bridge Park. We are proud to have served the Roanoke area for over 10 years. See a list of all of the areas that we serve.

When you choose to sell your home to a cash buyer in Roanoke, you don’t need to repair, remodel, renovate, clean up, wait for buyers to inspect the house, or wait for buyers to get financing.

You can just sell your house in its current condition and save thousands of dollars in repair costs. That’s why you need to sell your house to a cash buyer like Quick Fix Real Estate because we buy houses in Roanoke fast!

Reviews of Quick Fix Real Estate in Roanoke

“Wonderful people to work with. They made everything I did as easy as possible for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to sell their property in a hurry.” – Susan Hamblett

“Everyone at Quick Fix was helpful, professional, and great to work with at a time when I needed it most. They were willing to go out of their way to schedule meetings for my convenience, answer questions, and help solve any problems I had. I especially want to thank Mack, Todd and Michelle. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to sell a home ‘as is’ without a lot of hassles. Everything was completed in about thirty days, right on the schedule I was given.” – Jo Ann Perkins

Here is a testimony from one of our favorite customers, Mary Jane!

Setup your no-obligation appointment with Quick Fix Real Estate today to sell your house fast in Roanoke at 540-324-4346.