Do I Need a Termite Bond to Sell My House?

Do I Need a Termite Bond to Sell My House?
Do I Need a Termite Bond to Sell My House?

When you begin the process of selling your house, you are so busy checking off your to-do lists that you don’t think to ask the question “do I need a termite bond to sell my house?” It is generally recommended that a pest inspection be performed during the sale process. Homes that are sold for cash are exempt but most mortgage lenders require a termite bond to sell your house to a financed buyer.

Let’s take a closer look at termite bonds and why you need one to sell your house. 

What Are Termites? 

Termites are small insects that survive by feeding on wood fibers. There are many types of these burrowing creatures.

Least concerning for property owners are Dampwood termites that are usually found in wooded areas or near water. Subterranean termites are the most destructive, as they live in colonies with millions of other termites and attack wood while remaining protected by mud tubes. 

Drywood termites attack dry wood and infest the structures and framing of buildings. Lastly, there are Formosan termites. This is an aggressive type of termite that can do enough damage to a wooden structure that it can become unsafe or even collapse.

These pests give buyers and lenders reason to be wary of skipping an inspection. The only way to avoid that panic is by selling your home for cash.

What is a Termite Bond?

You can think of a termite bond as a contract between a property owner and a pest control company that will be providing services. The company will inspect a property and either treat a current infestation or schedule recurring inspections to ensure that an infestation doesn’t occur. 

If an infestation or re-infestation does occur, the company who provides the bond will treat it according to the contract. During inspections, the bonded pest control company will spray a chemical termite barrier around their property. 

Termite bonds are specific about the species and types of insects that your bond covers and doesn’t cover. Termite bonds and inspections are required by most lenders to complete a home purchase, but they aren’t part of the equation if you choose to sell your house for cash. 

When Do You Need a Termite Bond?

By now, you are probably asking yourself, “Do I need a termite bond to sell my house?” If you are selling your home in a traditional buyer/seller/realtors/lender scenario then yes, you will likely be required to obtain a termite bond for your property. 

While these bonds are a buyer’s expense, any infestations or damages found upon a home inspection will be your responsibility to remediate as the seller. Usually, the only scenarios in which this is not necessary are when a new construction home is being sold or in cash transactions.

How Much Does a Termite Bond Cost?

Depending on location, existing problems, and coverage, the cost of a termite bond will vary. As your coverage increases to cover a broader spectrum of pests, the cost of your termite bond will also increase. The structure of your property will also be used to determine the cost of your bond. 

All wood structures are at a much higher risk of developing a wood pest infestation than structures composed of steel. These factors will have an obvious influence on the likelihood that a homeowner will need to file a claim on their termite bond at some point. 

A termite bond is only required for a non-cash sale. Once the transaction is completed, homeowners are not required to renew coverage.

Are Termite Bonds Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

Probably not. Homeowners policies generally don’t cover the items that a termite bond does including inspection, prevention, damage, or treatment. 

Like homes that are near a large body of water and prone to flooding, wooden homes in high termite activity areas or those with previous problems are at a high risk for infestations. A termite bond is like an extra layer of protection in case it is needed. This is why the requirement can only be avoided if you decide to sell your home for cash. 

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