We Buy Houses Salem – What To Look Out For With Real Estate Agent Contracts

As with all other industries, there are trustworthy real estate agents, and there are those who will go out of there way to try and deceive you.

Realtors are basically sales individuals keen to get your home off the market, which can be tough for many homeowners, particularly those selling their first house.

But unlike we buy houses Salem companies who don’t charge any fees, real estate agents have a service fee for their services and hence the need for a contract.

Typically, the contract will outline the percentage of the commission and the length of the contract.

Again, while there are reputable and transparent realtors, some homeowners have voiced their concerns regarding the lack of communication and transparency when dealing with real estate agents.

For this reason, our home-buying experts at Quick Fix Real Estate decided to help you know what to watch out for with realtor contracts:

-> The Type Of Agreement

If you can’t understand the contents of an agreement contract, don’t sign!

Remember that the house is yours, and you’re free to do what you want to don’t tie yourself down with an unfavorable real estate agent contract.

When selling a home with a real estate agent, there are two types of agreement:

– Sole selling rights agreement:

Here, you are tied to a real estate agency, and you cannot list the house yourself or use another agency. During the time of the contract, only the real estate agency you hired can sell your home.

– Multi-agency agreement:

If you must work with a realtor, this is your best option.

With the multi-agency agreement, you can list your Salem house with multiple agencies, and you’ll only pay the commission to the agency that sells your homes successfully.

Plus, should you find an owner by yourself, you’re free to sell your home without paying the realtor agency.

-> Hidden Property Costs

Real estate agencies can operate due to the money they make from charging a commission.

While some realtor agencies will detail the commission percentage clearly, when you get the bill from the agency, don’t take the amount stated at face value.

Do your calculations and see if the math adds up. Some agents don’t include VAT, so check that as well.

Before you sign a contract with your real estate agent, make sure you consider the type of agreement, the hidden costs and the following:

– Tie-in period
– The commission being charged
– VAT inclusion
– Make sure you understand everything mentioned in the contract
– Feel free to negotiate. After all, it’s your house on the line here!

We Buy Any House Salem

Contracts can be complicated, and selling through a real estate can be frustrating for some home sellers.

Luckily, there’s an alternative way to sell your Salem house quickly, and you don’t have to worry about hidden charges, and tie-in periods – sell to Quick Fix Real Estate.

Here at Quick Fix Real Estate, we buy houses Salem for cash in Salem, and we don’t charge fees or commissions. So call us and sell your contemporary or any other kind of house today!

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Get a Cash Offer On Your House Now

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