Hidden Costs Of Listing Your Home – Sell My House Fast Charlotte

If you ask any real estate pundit what the most common mistake made by house sellers is, they will say underestimating the actual costs of selling a home at top dollar.

The process of selling a home is complex and can be confusing especially for first-timers.

When you are ready to sell your home, the thought of making a sizeable profit off the sale your home might be the only thing ringing in your mind.

Many house sellers are often caught by surprise and left frustrated when they finally realize how much it cost them to put their houses on the market and even after making a sale, their profits are cut short by fees, commissions and other costs that they hadn’t factored in.

If you decide to list your home through a realtor, you need to understand what the process entails and what costs are involved.

Even before listing your home, you will have to incur some upfront cost that can quickly drain your bank account.

However, if you are asking,  “is there is a way I can sell my house fast Charlotte without having to incur the costs, the time and the hassle involved when selling a home,” then you are in the right place!

Here at Quick Fix Real Estate, we offer you a straightforward and cost-free method of selling your home.

What’s more, we understand that circumstances are bound to arise in which you might need to sell your home fast, which is why we are able to close in as little as 7 days.

If you are still planning on listing your home, let’s take a look at some of the hidden costs of choosing this option.

Upfront Costs

These are costs incurred before your home is even listed in the market.

In order to ensure that your house is appealing to potential buyers and stands out from the rest, you need to conduct all the necessary repairs and upgrades.

Depending on the extent of repairs and upgrades required, the costs might run upwards of the thousands.

Some of the home improvement tasks include cleaning, painting, landscaping, installing new fixtures, improving the curb appeal amongst others.

It is also prudent to hire an inspector in order to identify issues that you might not easily notice but are bound to arise when potential buyers visit your home with their inspectors.

There may be issues with your roof, plumbing system, heating, and ventilation system amongst others. Buyers nowadays are more cautious when it comes to buying a home.

They hire professional and reputable inspectors who ensure that each and every inch of your home is thoroughly checked.

However, we, Quick Fix Real Estate, will buy your house as-is and will not ask you to put any money into the property.

This means that we buy houses in Charlotte in whatever condition or area they are in.

Costs Incurred While Your House Sits On The Market

When you list your home, you need to ensure that your house is always show-ready.

Potential buyers can pop up at any time and if they find your house in a mess, they’ll definitely be put off.

Cleaning your home will be a continuous process.

If you are a busy person or can’t keep up with the hassle of regularly cleaning your home, then you need to consider hiring professional cleaning services, costing you even more money.

In addition to this, if you’ve already purchased your new home, you will also have to pay the monthly mortgage and utility bills along with your new mortgage and utilities. Many people cannot afford to pay for two mortgages for months on end.

Depending on how long the house sits on the market, settling these costs and bills can seriously hurt your wallet.

Closing Costs

After a gruesome wait and struggle, you’ve finally found the right buyer. However, your financial troubles don’t end there since there are some costs you are expected to cater to.

First of all, there is the agent’s commission. Agents tend to charge up to 6% of the sale of a home.

6% of the sale of your home is quite a significant portion. In addition to this, there is also the mortgage payoff, escrow company fees and home appraisal fees you have settle.

Depending on your sale agreement, you might end up having to cater for additional repair costs requested by the buyer.

Other additional closing costs that you as a house seller might incur include transfer taxes and title insurance, property taxes amongst others.


Clearly, the process of selling a home through a realtor is long, complex and expensive. Considering all these costs, it is wise to weigh the options available.

If you want a hassle-free and cost-free method to sell my home fast Charlotte, then Quick Fix Real Estate is the best option for you.

Get a Cash Offer On Your House Now

Any House, Any Condition!

Get a Cash Offer On Your House Now

Any House, Any Condition!