7 Pool Features That Make a Home More Marketable

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Pools have been the talk of the town since the Covid-19 pandemic sent everyone home, making at-home relaxation a hot commodity. In the past, pools have not necessarily been a selling feature across the board — some homeowners might see a pool as a hindrance given the upkeep required that could cost between $3,000 to $5,000 a year. But that has changed, at least for now. If you are a homeowner that already has a pool, there are some features that you can highlight or add that can make your pool more desirable to buyers. Here are seven tips to help you get started, taking your pool to the next level. 

Safety first

When kids are using the pool or if there are furry friends in the family, a safety fence is a must as more than 45 percent of agents said in a recent survey from HomeLight. The type of fence that you go with will depend on the layout of your backyard and the size of your pool, but making sure that it is high enough and secure so that toddlers and pets can stay out of harm’s way are the key factors to keep in mind for a pool that helps your house sell.

Snack time

For long days at the pool, a place for snacks is a plus for pool users of all ages. Some homeowners are going so far as to add a wet bar or snack bar near a pool deck, as 62 percent of agents noted. What could be more pleasant than taking a break by the pool to sip on a drink?

Get comfortable

Along with the relaxation factor of putting a bar by the pool, you can up the comfort level by going beyond lounge chairs to add sitting areas that resemble outdoor furniture. Comfortable couches and chairs that are water-resistant can easily make the pool area even more relaxing and can be a bonus when you are staging your backyard to sell

Have a seat

Sitting areas aren’t only for the outside of the pool, some homeowners are also adding seats inside their pools. Pool chairs are often made of water and chemical-resistant plastic that can withstand the elements of a swimming pool and can be a welcome addition to your pool’s chill factor. They are an ideal fit for the shallow end, so adults and kids alike can sit without being fully emerged in the water. 

Let there be light

Pool lights can make swimming possible even when the sun sets, and LEDs can be installed at a cost of a few hundred dollars depending on whether you do the installation yourself or hire a professional. 

Do go chasing waterfalls

A waterfall can turn a pool into an oasis, and it can have the added benefit of circulating the water to improve upkeep. This upgrade doesn’t have to break the bank though with simple waterfalls costing in the hundreds of dollars, while fancier ones could set you back a bit more. Which upgrade you decide to go with will depend on your budget and how much pool you have to work with. 

Keep it warm

No one wants to swim in a pool with cold water, and adding a solar pool cover can maintain an optimal temperature, even when the weather dips. As an added bonus, a pool that uses a solar cover is said to have about 75 percent less evaporation and heat loss than an uncovered pool, and also improves a pool heater’s energy efficiency by retaining heat. 

With any of these upgrades, you’ll be ready to showcase your pool as a hot feature for your home’s next owner or to welcome guests this summer.  

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